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The Giving Keys | Spreading love one key at a time

Bella Maas

"It's our responsibility as humans to take care of each other. It’s our duty as humans to care for people when we are weak and broken."

— Caitlin Crosby, Founder of The Giving Keys

Everyone knows how much we adore all of our jewelry from The Giving Keys. Their message and vision resonates not only with all of us at Bella Maas, but also with our customers. With love filling the air for Valentine’s Day this weekend, we wanted to spread some love of our own by showcasing our favourite pieces from The Giving Keys alongside a couple of their ‘Pay it Forward Stories’.

The Giving Keys – Key Necklace 


– $58.00 –


“Yesterday I started a weight loss drink. But, the thing is my size 2 pants are baggy and my XS shirts are loose as well. I felt dizzy all day. In fact, at one point thought to myself, "I probably shouldn't be driving because I can't think clearly”. That afternoon I did my annual Christmas shopping with my sisters and grandmother. Everything I tried on was loose. In my head I knew how crazy my thinking was, yet I continued. I would stare back at myself in the dressing room mirror knowing I didn't fill out the dress the way my husband desired, but, skinny is in right? Even if I were to gain weigh it wouldn't be in the right areas like all the beautiful Hollywood women. On my way home from the mall my head continued to spin as I refilled my bottle with the concoction. When I arrived home there was a package on the kitchen table. My husband informed me it was my Christmas gift from his sister. She had been contacting him all week and he proceeded to tell me how excited she was for me to receive it. I opened my first Giving Key from my sister in law who picked the word, Beautiful. Floored by the gift, the timing and meaning behind it all, I confessed to my husband what had been going on that day, and every day it seemed since I can remember. I told of the demons inside that continued to speak lies, which I have over the years taken as truth. Graciously I was loved, accepted and supported. The ingredients for the drink were poured down the sink, tears were shed, past hurts were shared and new memories were made. A beginning to believe truth has begun. Less than 24 hours later I sit at my desk with my Giving Key and cup of coffee (that I added half and half with 2 sugars to) and am overflowing with thanks.”

The Giving Keys – Key Earrings


– $58.00 –


“Our journey first started with my husband. I wanted him to feel inspired and encouraged so I selected the bracelet with the word ‘courage’. My husband is a war veteran, and now works hard to provide for our family. I am fortunate to be able to work with him. He is an amazing person, truly inspiring to me with his work ethic and willingness to sacrifice his needs for others. He is selfless and I am so happy he is the father of my children. He surprised me with two bracelets that he made, with the words "amorosa" and "madre" for the meaning loving mother. I was shocked that he had made a bracelet for me too! We wear our bracelets on our left hand, closest to our hearts and never take them off. We always have each other’s back and I am his biggest fan. Our daughter and son will grow to see us working together and I hope that it inspires them to live their lives to the fullest and never give up no matter what life throws their way. We will be there to have their back too.”


Spread a little love of your own and visit us at either location to see all of the beautiful pieces from The Giving Keys. Happy Valentine's Day xo