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The Coveted Plaid Shirt all the Celebs are Wearing!

Bella Maas

plaid-shirts-by-rails-la If you've been to our store lately, then you'll know that we are currently obsessing over plaid. For the last few months a plaid shirt, pair of jeans and leather jacket have been our go to outfit! And apparently we aren't the only ones -- celebs are also gravitating to one brand in particular who have nailed the fit, fabric and styling of the classic plaid shirt, Rails LA. From Olivia Palermo to Kourtney Kardashian, stylish celebs know the worth of owning the ultimate plaid shirt...



Kourtney Kardashian | Makes it badass with all black, fringed bag and moto boots & jacket.


Kate Hudson | Keeps it simple tucked into a pair of light washed skinny jeans.


Jessica Biel | Breaks up the solid black with a relaxed vibe, tied around the waist.



Olivia Palermo x2 | Mixes prints and patterns for a sophisticated and modern look.



Helen Owen x2! | Keeping it hip, with jeans and cut out leggings.

The ultimate wardrobe staple!

Shop our Rails plaid shirts now in Sherwood Park or St. Albert.