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Redefining Rompers

Bella Maas

For many women, the romper can be intimidating. Shorter women, or women with larger busts tend to shy away from even trying them on (even though they admire them on the racks or their friends,) so this week we set out to show you two different styles we have for this summer - but also to give you some romper tips to help you style your very own adorable fashion onesie! 1) Add a belt: A belt will cinch you at the waistline and add style while enhancing your figure.

2) Layer it: You can really change the vibe of a jumpsuit by layering it with a blazer, kimono, cardigan, leather jacket or jean jacket. They are as versatile as a dress, but even more practical.

3) Analyze the fit: Rompers come in many styles, so if a cinched waist is best for you look for one with a drawstring, or if you feel more comfortable hiding your stomach look for a drop waist style where the belt can be worn lower down on the waist. Pants, or shorts, strapless or sleeves - the romper comes in all forms so find the one that is best for your body type and comfort level. But do rule number 4 on repeat…

4) Experiment: If you are attracted to the style, print or fabric TRY IT ON. Clothes fit differently on everyone, you don't want to miss out on finding the perfect piece you'll end up in love with, because you were to shy to try it on. (Shopping 101 - yes but sometimes we forget ;)

Outfit # 1 | Drawstring Shorts Romper 





edmonton-womens-fashion-clothing-boutique-bella-maasModel: Raelee Robinson

Romper: Drawstring patterned romper by Charlie Jade $219

Sandals: Mel a Knee by Kenneth Cole $79

Handbag: Naughty Nadi by George Gina & Lucy $459

Bracelets: Both by C pak, link bracelet $29 / thin stretch bracelet $20


Outfit # 2 | Strapless, Low Waisted Pant Romper 



bella-maas-fashion-boutique-summer-2015-outfits-romper-edmonton-3Model: Melissa Morris

Romper: Tube Jogger Jumpsuit by Veronika M $97

Handbag: J Paradise by George Gina & Lucy $399

Heels: Holly Root Zipper Wedge by Nine West ON SALE $75!!

Thanks again to our beautiful models Raelee & Melissa from Average Joe's in Sherwood Park!