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Leather Jacket Love

Bella Maas

This is for all the ladies who cannot wait to push that winter parka into the back of their closet and break out a pair of sunglasses + sport a fresh leather jacket! We have some new arrivals from the incredible Canadian luxury leather brand Bano eeMee - that are perfect for our transitional spring weather in Edmonton. We fell in love with the Bano eeMee collection because of their high quality and modern designs, but also because they promote ethical realization of their designs, with a focus on helping support the social fabric in communities ravaged by war, poverty and destitution through creating opportunities, paying fair wages and transferring knowledge. Gotta love that!

Here are the jackets we have just received for Spring 2015! 


Bella-Maas-Edmonton-Fashion-Boutique-leather-jackets-spring-2015-bano-eemee 01 AlstonThe Alston is available in Black.

Bella-Maas-Edmonton-Fashion-Boutique-leather-jackets-spring-2015-bano-eemee 02The Lyon is available in: yellow, grey & black

Bella-Maas-Edmonton-Fashion-Boutique-leather-jackets-spring-2015-bano-eemee 01The Soho is available in: black and grey.

Bella-Maas-Edmonton-Fashion-Boutique-New-Spring-Leather-jackets-2015-naples-bano-eemee-01The Naples is available in: Black and yellow.