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Introducing Brunette The Label: They’re more than just crewneck sweaters



Introducing Brunette The Label: They’re more than just crewneck sweaters

Bella Maas

Brunette The Label is a clothing line based right in Vancouver, BC. It was founded quite recently in 2015 and has grown to house a number of different products. Originally the idea was created to be just a marketing tool for a sister brand, but it grew into something so much more. Starting with just one original sweatshirt design, the brand evolved to house a full collection of fun sayings on crewneck sweatshirts and accessories.

The Brunette The Label collection offers lace skirts, cardigans, and tunics, just to list a few of the stylish pieces you can snag off of the website and rock this season. In the fall of 2016, a full range collection was launched called the Brunette Collection.  The core collection expands on selling more than just clothing and delves into mugs and water bottles with catchy sayings on them as well. We know that everyone at your yoga class is going to be eyeing that cute water bottle with the phrase “this wine is making me awesome” on it.

The crew necks come equipped with catchy sayings such as “fries before guys” and “this wine is making me awesome.” The catchy sayings are cute, fresh, and totally wearable. The company has expanded and grown in a successful way, creating and crafting more and more unique pieces for customers who just can’t get enough! The brand is extremely unique.

The website also offers a sizing chart so you can ensure that you are picking the right size when you pop into Bella Maas. The crewneck is one of our best sellers, and we know that you will adore our new arrivals just as much, if not more, as we do!