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Fancy-pants: Why your pants should make a statement



Fancy-pants: Why your pants should make a statement

Bella Maas

The season is alive with different textures and styles and we want you to join in on all of the fun. Here at Bella Maas we offer a wide range of fashionable women’s clothing, and we want you to step outside of your comfort zone this fall season. We’ve put together two outfits that combine a few pieces that you may not have thought of yourself. Read ahead for some tops and pants that will blow you away!

Print Pant Paradise

Spice up your look by making your pants the focus of your outfit. This can easily be done with a pair of Grease Legging by Sanctuary that showcases a printed checkered pattern in grey and white. Compliment your pants with a pair of Bartalino boots. These boots pop by having a textured section just above the heel that mirrors that of your pants—perfect combo! The zipper adds just a hint of trendy detail as well.  

Mix in a splash of color with a pinkish red Adalyn blouse and a Lisbeth teardrop shaped necklace. Finally, a Michael Kors wrap coat will pull your entire look together, adding another layer of texture with soft grey and black features.

Pant: Sanctuary - Grease Legging Julien - $139.00 | Blouse: Equipment - Adalyn - $254.00 | Boots: Lucky Brand - Bartalino - $165.00 | Jacket: Michael Kors - Wrap Coat - $395.00 | Necklace: Lisbeth - $84.00

Flawlessly Flared Jeans

Try a pair of Joe’s Jerri Flawless Flare jeans instead of your usual skinny cut this month and add on some Vince Camuto Beibon boots. These dark brown boots peep out of the flared jeans with some silver details and a heel that we love for a night out. This sleeveless Joie Valles Top serves as a conversation piece with colorful patterns in an array of different colors. Push yourself to rock this shirt even if it’s not your usual style!

Bring the look all together with a Banoo eeMee Glen vest that matches your dark brown boot of choice and presents itself with a soft, raised look on the front, and a sleek lighter brown finish on the back. The raised collar is another detail that tributes your overall look!

Jeans: Joe’s - Jerri Flawless Flare - $291.00 | Shirt: Joie - Valles Top - $264.00 | Boots: Vince Camuto - Beibon - $250.00 | Vest: Banoo eeMee - Glen - $436.00

Incorporate some different textures and patterns into your look this fall season, you won’t be disappointed when you try it. Check out our Sherwood Park and St. Albert locations for some more trendy ideas.