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Denim Trend | Three ways to rock white shorts this summer

Bella Maas

Every summer, we are blessed with new styles and more importantly, new styles in shorts. One specific trend that keeps getting better every year, is white denim. Along with your summer glow, these shorts look great dressed up or dressed down, day or night and at the lake or on your yacht. Need proof? Here are a few ways to style this denim trend this summer.

Casual Chic

This look is all about being comfortable but still remaining fashionable. We have all come to understand our black and white colour combo obsession and this Brunette the Label sweatshirt really speaks to our inner supermodel. To top it all off, these UGG pure slip-ons work well with the ease of this outfit and did we mention they're slip-ons?


Shorts: Dex - Moanco - $49.00 | Sweater: Brunette The Label - Roll Call - $77.00 | Shoes: UGG - Pure Slip Ons - $120.00

Tied Up

Tying long sleeved plaid around your waist has been a trend for decades. Once thought of as frumpy, is now making it's way as being quite fashionable and convenient. Your tied up plaid is now an accessory and also an emergency sweater on those cold summer nights.


Shorts: Dex - Moanco - $49.00 | Sweater: Brunette The Label - Roll Call - $77.00 | Shoes: UGG - Pure Slip Ons - $120.00 | Plaid: Rails Clothing - Hunter - $198.00

Stripe Success

The great thing about white denim, is that it really helps make the overall outfit classic and timeless. For an added 'pop' to your look, play around with different patterns and prints. Because of the neutrality of your shorts, your prints and patterns will definitely make a statement.


Shorts: Dex - Moanco - $49.00 | Sweater: Brunette The Label - Roll Call - $77.00 | Shoes: UGG - Pure Slip Ons - $120.00 | Shirt: Glamorous - Striped Batwing - $42.00

Now that we've got you dreaming about sunny days and magical nights, stop by and visit either Bella Maas location today and try on summer's latest denim trend.