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Bano eeMee | Canadian-made luxury



Bano eeMee | Canadian-made luxury

Bella Maas

Bano eeMee—two unique and attention grabbing words that we cannot get enough of here at Bella Maas Boutique. These two words make up the name of the Canadian-made brand created by Aleem Arif, the creative director, in 2012. Moving from the world of finance to the exciting world of fashion, Aleem paid homage to two important women in his life—his grandmother and his mother—by combining the two nicknames they had for him (Bano and eeMee) and forging his own leather empire.

There are so many reasons that we love this brand. The high quality, supple lamb leather is comfortable and works for any and all seasons. This Canadian clothing brand supplies its customers with leather that is luxuriously hand burnished, immaculately tailored blazers, and structured “mixed media” clothing—products that utilize a combination of different textures.

It’s a given, we love the brand, we love the clothing, and we love that it is Canadian made. But, the true heart and soul of the brand is a huge reason why we can’t resist it.

Social consciousness and a dedication to the environment is a characteristic that is recognizable when looking more in-depth at the Bano eeMee brand. Ethical realization in every design is important with a focus on helping support social fabric in communities ravished by war, poverty, and destitution.

How is this done?

By creating opportunities, paying a fair wage, and transferring knowledge.   

The leather itself is a by-product of the food industry and no exotic animals are used in any designs. The tanning process used on the leather is even REACH certified, which is a regulation intended to try and protect human health and the environment from risks posed by chemicals.



If that isn’t enough to get you excited, you should know that you’re getting your money’s worth with a product from Bano eeMee. The signature distressed, hand burnished look goes through a multi-stop process that produces items with textual and tone variations that differentiate the brand from faux and pleather garments. It even makes the leather more comfortable.  

Basically, you’re going to kill it on your next date if you’re sporting one of these leather jackets.

We’re a fan and we hope you become one too. Embrace Banoo eeMee for some winter fashion inspiration this season!