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BellaMaas Boutique

Fit + Fierce

Bella Maas

This week we have double the girls and double the fun. Danielle and  Kelsey are rocking two spectacular outfits each and are bringing cuteness and glam to a whole 'nother level. Danielle Reed is a Certified Daring Way Facilitator (a curriculum developed by Brené Brown) and Life Coach. Kelsey McQueen is a personal trainer from Alberta Fitness. Together they are Fit + Fierce, a youth workshop aimed at girl's grades 4-12. It combines Danielle's expertise in mind wellness with Kelsey's expertise in fitness and nutrition to promote strength in both the mind and body.

To read more about Danielle Reed you can see her website, Coach On The Go, HERE. And to check out Kelsey McQueen's fitness services, her website, Alberta Fitness, can be found HERE.

Kelsey's first outfit is the epitome of a maxi dress done right: timeless stripes, black and white, and elegance length. Fashion tip: horizontal stripes are almost always preferable over vertical.

Kelsey's second outfit and Danielle's second outfit are the same idea executed in two completely different ways. It's the small black dress. Danielle's focusing on a downplayed style that is ideal for an outdoor summer day and Kelsey's a little more bougie for a more serious event.

The last outfit is a classic for an Albertan summer for obvious reasons. What is specifically appropriate for this post, because our lovely models work together to combine fitness and fierceness is the bracelet. It separates into two pieces and can be given to another person to wear and cherish.

The last outfit

Kelsey McQueen

Outfit #1

Red Haute Scoop Back Maxi Dress $165.00

UGG D’Alessio $130.00

Michael Kors Watch $300.00

SAK Bijoux $30.00

C PAK Necklace $26.00

DSC_0003 DSC_0007 copy


Outfit #2

Bailey 44 Rag Doll Dress $326.00

Nine West Kimery Heel $120.00

Harriet + Grey Earrings $20.00

Harriet + Grey Necklace $32.00

Michael Kors Watch $300.00

DSC_0028 copy DSC_0024 copy


Danielle Reed

Outfit #1

Rails Britt Rollup Sleeve $149.00

Sasha Ellenna Necklace $50.00

C’est Moi Tank $20.00

Mother Mouse Ankle Jean $226.00

Neosens Trepat Sandal $243.00

Good Works Friendship Bracelet $42.00

DSC_0010 copy DSC_0012 copy


Outfit #2

Mauren Strappy Nine West Wedge $140.00

Three Dot French Linen Dress $205.00

Magid Hat Large Woven Hat $38.00

Heather B Moore Necklace Concept Jewellery

Katvia Kiss Bracelets $15.00-$35.00

DSC_0040 copy DSC_0038 copy

Thanks again ladies! Hope to see you again soon!